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Genset Installations

  • Proper space should be there for placement and opening of doors of the Silent DG set.
  • There should be atleast 1.5 meter free space around the DG set for proper operation and maintenance.
  • There should be cross ventilation of air to ensure proper cooling of DG set. Exhaust gases and hot air discharge should not re-circulate inside the acoustic enclosure (canopy).
  • There should be no restriction for fresh air suction and hot air discharge. If 2 DG sets are installed at the site, ensure that hot air outlet of the one DG set does not become the fresh air intake of the 2nd DG set.
  • A low height shelter for the Silent DG Set should be avoided. It should not obstruct the hot air outlet.
  • It is preferable to install the DG set in an open area. No shade (roof) is required over it. However, if the AMF Panel is outside the Acoustic Enclosure, then a shelter is recommended for the Panel.
  • For Roof Top Installation, ensure that the civil structure is capable to bear the static and dynamic load of DG set. The load of the Silent DG set should be borne by Columns and Beams of the building.
  • Proper space should be there for Earthing.
  • If there are no space constraints, the DG set should be placed near the distribution panel.
  • The DG set should be located away from polluted surroundings such as corrosive fumes, cement dust, fibres, cotton and toxic chemicals to avoid overheating of the D.G. Set.
  • The Foundation should be water leveled and atleast 3" above the Ground Level.
  • The Length and width of the Foundation should be atleast 200mm to 400 mm more than that of the DG set size.
  • Please refer to the foundation drawing attached herewith.
  • A rigid foundation ensures the least vibration. Sand Filling should be there around the foundation. Rubber matting can also be used over the foundation to minimize the vibration effect and noise leakage.
  • Please refer to the dimension of DG set for deciding the foundation length, width and depth. Note: Please ensure that the foundation should not be made over any basement, water tank or Sewer Line. B. Roof Top Foundation.
  • The weight of Silent DG set should be on Column and Beam through proper foundation.
  • The RCC foundation should be on the Beam or supported on two Beams.
  • ISMC Channel or MS "I" Section may also be used to cater the load of the DG set with the canopy. Load of ISMC Channel or MS "I" Section should be on the column of the building.
  • M.S. Sheet is to be provided at the bottom of the base frame of the Silent DG set for roof top installation.

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