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Annual Maintenance »

We offer DG set maintenance for different type of generators. Our vast experience in the field of generators has provided us with the expertise of handling and repairing all kinds of generators, with the help of our experienced and qualified staff, we are able to provide reliable, efficient and quick maintenance of different kinds of DG generators.

Our Annual Maintenance Contract (A.M.C.) services are available at very reasonable rates makes you Tension free as far as Gensets are Concerned.

Annual Maintenance Contracts ( AMC )

Routine visits by our technicians are carried out at Customer's site on mutually agreed dates. The log - books are checked for record of running hours & accordingly Preventive Maintenance is suggested. We recommend essential parts and consumables to be stocked for minimizing downtime of equipment. During the service visit load trials are carried out on available loads.

We provide single window service for repairs of Charging Alternators, Starters, Battery, Battery Chargers, AC Alternators & Control Panels


  • To ensure maximum availability and reliability of your engine/generator.
  • To maintain maximum output/fuel economy.
  • To reduce operation and maintenance cost.
  • To avoid surprise breakdown by timely scheduled maintenance.
  • To provide operation and maintenance guidelines to the operating personnel.
  • To plan in advance for spare parts requirements.
  • To enhance reliability.

Benefits to User

  • We provide proper guidelines of preventive maintenance & replacement schedule keeping in mind the designed parameters of each component.
  • Since our technician/engineer's visits to your plant, we monitor all parameters of engines & do trend analysis of various parameters and hence can plan forthcoming repairs in advance. Therefore, there are no surprise expensive breakdowns.
  • We also maintain complete history of engine & allied systems and keep records of various components, which are part of commissioning. Hence, at any point of time we are in a position to guide & give you a complete product support back-up.
  • Our engineers are well equipped with special tools for all Make and models of her engines.
  • We provide guidelines to the customer for modifications, changes & product up gradation resulting out of technical advancement, thereby any customer in case wants to update the machine in order to get better output, facilities are made.
  • We may also provide alternative manpower .
  • Above all, a small piece of advice at appropriate time from an expert can save expensive repairs and of course precious time.
  • To operate plant/offices with optimum inputs and thereby saving money.

Scope of Work

Following will be accomplished during maintenance.


  • Visual checks of the engine.
  • Checks under various load conditions (if load are made available).
  • Check performance of engine, various instruments, gauges & controls.
  • Check and diagnose improper functioning of systems/components and take remedial steps.
  • Ensuring timely maintenance & upkeep of engine.
  • Analyze and prevent minor repair becoming major & expensive.


  • Checking and carrying out all necessary field adjustments as recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Engine servicing as required and indicated by service meter and the equipment log book or visual inspection as per operating condition.


  • A report will be submitted/forwarded after the equipment inspection and servicing. This report will also include recommendation on replacement of any part (s) /sub-assembly improvement on efficiency of the Engine/DG set.

Trouble Shooting at Site

  • All breakdown calls are attended within 24 hours from the time of logging of the complaint. After receiving breakdown calls from customers we depute our technicians at site to trouble shoot and analyze failures. Most of the problems are attended with backup of required spare parts.

Limits of The Proposal

  • We shall depute the engineer as per schedule agreed upon. In case any change is required in the program a written confirmation at least 2 days in advance will be required
  • The maintenance contract is taken for the Complete DG set, which is in working order, and not for carrying out any major repairs or overhaul. In case the engine requires any major repair or overhaul, a separate estimate/offer will be submitted and engine will be repaired it agreed upon. All consumables will be on customer's account.
  • Auxiliary Equipment, Machining charges etc, if any shall be on Customer account.
  • Due to forced reasons, if we are unable to depute our engineer as per schedule we shall organize to send engineer on next earliest possible date with prior intimation and subsequent confirmation from your end.
  • We reserve the rights to call back our engineer and provide replacement if compelled by unavoidable and unforeseen accidental circumstances.
  • The charges do not include workman's compensation, insurance or any such charges for the workman provided by the user to assist our engineer. We shall not accept any responsibility for any damage to equipment property or injury to customer's workman for any reason.
  • Customer has to provide suitable office and lockable facilities for technicians and for visiting engineer (s) on free of charge basis.
  • In case of the deferred visits desired rather than the scheduled program, customer has to inform us at least 2 days in advance.
  • Customer will sign the reports prepared by our engineers/technician. maintenance by Singh Diesel Power only.
  • Customer has to provide all genuine spares/oils only. Non-genuine /spurious spares cannot be used by INDP technician under AMC agreement.

Turn Key Jobs

We undertake Turn Key Jobs for Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Diesel Generator Sets. This includes Mechanical Erection of Exhaust Pipe Lines, Waterline plumbing & Fuel Line fabrication. We also carry out Electrical installation pertaining to the DG set Earthing, Power Cable laying upto Distribution Board.

In case you feel any problem in this regard, kindly give us a call enabling our service engineer to solve your problem and help stop loss of your production due to power cut and non working of your captive power unit.

List of Jobs not Be Covered Under AMC

  • Any job related to muffler/exh. Pipe/Fuel tank/Batteries/Base frame .
  • Radiator cleaning will be arranged from customer end. We can only supervise or it can be organized by Singh Diesel Power at extra cost.
  • Charging Alternator/Starter Motor job will be carried out at extra cost.
  • Alternator/Panel job can be organized from our end at extra cost as actual.
  • Overhauling job will not be covered under AMC.
  • Any failure due to overloading & per phase load balancing will be in customer scope.

Products & Services

  • Generator Repair Services
  • Generator parts
  • Residential Generator
  • Annual Maintenance DG sets
  • Generator Hiring
  • AMC Contract (Repairing)
  • Turbo Charger Spares
  • New Generator set
  • Industrial Diesel Generators
  • Cummins Engine Repair
  • Cummins Engine Parts
  • Caterpillar Engine Parts
  • CAT Generator & All CAT Products
  • Generator AMC
  • Generator AMC Service
  • Generator Repair Service
  • Escorts Generators Repair Service
  • Sudhir Generators Repair Service
  • Kirloskar Generators Repair Service
  • Eicher Generators Repair Service
  • Ashok Leyland Repair Service
  • Cummins Generators Repair Service
  • Mahindra Generators Repair Service
  • Meeraco Generators Repair Service
  • Turbo Charger Repair & Parts
  • Fuel Pump Repairing & Calibration
  • Generator Canopy Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Sound Proff Canopies Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Generator Repair Services In Delhi
  • Generator Repair Services In Faridabad
  • Generator Repair Services In Noida
  • Generator Repair Services In Gurgaon

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