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Chamical Earthing Electrodes»

An Earthing System is Required for the Protection of Equipment & Human Being, as per Indian Electricity rules 1956.

Earthing Cabling

We are also doing chamical earthing .

These earthing electrodes are of high reliabilty and long life. Our range of earthing electrodes consists of Copper Electrode, Earth Electrodes, GI Electrode, Gel Earthing Electrode, Chemical Earthing Electrode, Electrical Earthing Electrodes and Grounding Electrode.

Singh Diesel Power provide a low-mantinance chamical earthing. National electrical traders is our partners for all type of earthing cabling .

Why Electrical Earthings?

  • Effective Earthing in the Industry/residence protects Manpower, Money and Machines.
  • Any compromise on quality or absence of earthing is willful act of inviting electric hazards in the installation.
  • Earthing basically provides a low resistance path for the fault current to flow to the earth without damaging Manpower, Money and Machines.

Why Chemical Earthings?

Earthing Electrode (Dia-mm) Length (mm) Conductor Size (mm) Suggested
48 2000 30x6 150KVA
76 2000 40x6 650 KVA
48 3000 30x6 350 KVA
76 3000 40x6 1250 KVA

Features of Chemical Earthing

  • Easy Installation.
  • Negligible Maintenance Cost.
  • Reliable Efficient.
  • Long working life.
  • The electrodes for chemical earthing are generally 2-3 mtr. in length so the earth bore need not more than 250-300mm dia 3 mts. in depth in contrast with the cumbersome requirements of traditional earthing which requires a pit of 60-70 ft. depth and takes few days to dug up.
  • There is no requirement of water renewal in the area of earthing as the material retains the moisture for a very long period of time after installation

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